January 9, 2010

First week of 2010! 365 style.

Yay! I'm so excited to be doing Project 365 again. It's a fun, fun challenge that encourages one to take pictures they normally wouldn't take. Yeah, yeah . . and I know I'll get a little non-excited about it mid Julyish. But right now, it's just fun.

In case any of you are interested - I'm hosting my 365 pics over at Shutterfly this year. Oo la! Feeling nice and organized!

{ January 1 }
What better way to start out 365 . . than with a picture of my mutual 365er friend and her fella?
{ January 2 }
Flying home from Nebraska. *blows kisses*{ January 3 }
Stood up really, really late uploading pics from our trip . . . Bebe's total "Can we go to bed NOW?" face. Poor sweets.{ January 4 }
Sarie says that my psycho eyes are appropriate for this phone call . . . mwhahahaha.
{ January 5 }
My pretty birthday rose! It's rather dried now . . . but still so lovely!
{ January 6 }
So, so guilty of finishing off the last of the Nutella.
{ January 7 }
Yummy tea ~ whilst watching Robin Hood with Sissy.
{ January 8 }
Me and Hope Hope waiting in the car. Hope is Miss Evelyn's foster doggie ~ we doggiesit her sometimes. :]
{ January 9 }
Everybody is feeling quite lazy today, with all these silly colds and all. Watching movies and cuddling with the doggies . . . good remedy.


  1. Lovely posts... dear Laura
    what beautiful things!!
    Isn't nutella the best?!!!! *sigh*

    Love Always~ Jen

  2. Great pics and the doggies look lovely as always. I have to admit I've never tasted Nutella. I often think of buying some when I see some one (like you) talking about it, but when I get to the store it doesn't occur to me. I love this idea of 365 by the way.


  3. I love these photos! Soo darling. :)

  4. Lovely photos!! I may start a 365 this year... I think it's such a great idea.

    I look forward to seeing more!

    Saskia xx

    PS Bebe's expression is so funny!